Discover the Quinito's delights.

Quinoa Munch

Presentations: 30g - 150g - 200g

Quinoa Munch Cinnamon - Cereal

Quinoa Munch Vanilla - Cereal

Quinoa Munch Passion Fruit - Cereal

Quinoa Munch Chocolate - Cereal

Quinoa Snacks

Presentations: 40g - 184g

Productos a base de Quinua

Quinoa Snack Tomato And Basil - Moringa

Productos a base de Quinua

Quinoa Snack Bbq and Chia

Quinoa Snack Mushroom and Maca

Quinoa Snack Black Pepper and Chia

Quinoa Fácil Line

Presentations: 400g

Rolled and toasted quinoa flakes

Quinoa Flour

Quinoa granola with coconut, raisins and sesame seeds

Industrial Products
Available in 25kg and 45kg sacks